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About Orana

Creating a home away from home.

Orana Early Learning is a family owned and run company, we believe that every family member, child, visitor and employee is an individual and we respect the cultural diversity and variety of skills, knowledge and understanding relating to a person’s unique experience of life.

We celebrate the diversity of our Early Learning family and believe that every day we grow not only a little older, but wiser…. together everyone achieves more! We encourage children and families to be active participants in our curriculum.

Orana Early Learning offers a nurturing environment providing high quality care and education within a natural setting. Children are encouraged to explore their environment, using their imagination, creativity and individuality. We believe that through developing a sense of BELONGING and providing opportunity for children to BE children, they will BECOME confident learners.

Our Large, sustainable outdoor spaces offer the opportunity for the children to play and learn about themselves, nature, the growing of their own fresh produce and the fun of fresh air!

Orana Early Learning believes it is important to educate our children using ‘The Victorian Early Years Learning Framework’ where play is our children’s work and their way of exploring the world around them – we encourage them to be curious and ask questions – why, how, where, when, what now…The National Quality Framework, Standards and Laws and Regulations guide our practice.

Orana's values incorporate the need to honour the family, nurture our children and care for our environment through the use of sustainable practices. We see our purpose as ‘Shaping the World of Tomorrow through the Children of Today’.